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Knowing the nature of the preliterate mind is the key to correctly understanding the ancient sources (Old Testament, Egyptian art and spirituality, the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh, Meso-American glyphs and art, European prehistoric cave art etc.) that many of our alternative world views are based on.


ALICE HICKEY is a must read for anyone interested in the psychic world and the very early Mother Goddess cultures.

Click here to download and read a free PDF copy of ALICE HICKEY.

This book is a  memoir of a highly psychic time of my life that eventually led to my investigation with psychic Alice Hickey of the nature of consciousness, the origin of poetry, and the Mother Goddess Period.

It extends the ideas of Robert Graves, Carl Jung, Carlos Castaneda, Julian Jaynes and Alice Hickey herself.

For anyone seeking to understand the nature of the preliterate oral poetry that gave birth to all of the world's great myths (and that now feed much of our alternative thinking) SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey of the Soul is a must read. 

No ancient legend or myth can be correctly understood without understanding how and why these great story poems were created. To download and read a free PDF copy of this book, CLICK HERE:

The Witnesses Log Myth is a contemporary Creation myth spoken spontaneously from the unconscious, which is how all preliterate (oral) poems were made. It is an excellent example of the nature of those great oral myth/poems.

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Carl Jung's work revealed the nature of the psychic world and the unconscious mind. These short videos illustrate various aspects of his powerful, unorthodox thinking.

Jung was a scientific psychologist who championed the importance of the unconscious mind in living a complete life. Jung saw the terms unconscious mind, psyche, and soul as essentially interchangeable. 

In the course of his monumental investigations, he shed new light on ancient ways of thinking, but most importantly on the psychic world, a major component of preliterate culture, consciousness and art.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carl Gustav Jung 26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology. Jung is often considered the first modern psychologist to state that the human psyche is "by nature religious" and to explore it in depth. Though not the first to analyze dreams, he has become perhaps one of the most well known pioneers in the field of dream analysis. Much of his life's work was spent exploring Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, sociology, as well as literature and the arts.

Many pioneering psychological concepts were originally proposed by Jung, including the Archetype, the Collective Unconscious, the Complex, and synchronicity.

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The groundbreaking work of Julian Jaynes revealed the true nature of the consciousness of preliterate man. 

The following is a brief outline of Jaynes' thought and influence f
rom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Julian Jaynes (February 27, 1920 – November 21, 1997) was an American psychologist, best known for his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (1976), in which he argued that ancient peoples acted by means of automatic, non-conscious habit. When habit did not suffice and stress rose at the moment of a decision, behavior was directed by auditory verbal hallucinations, which were heard as the voice of a chieftain or god and immediately obeyed.

Jaynes argued that the change from this mode of thinking (which he called the bicameral mind) to {modern}consciousness occurred over a period of centuries about three thousand years ago and was based on the development of special types of linguistic cognition and the emergence of writing as an alternative means of social control.

Jaynes's theory has been influential to philosophers, psychologists, and psychiatrists and has been cited in hundreds of scientific and popular books. It was a nominee for the National Book Award in 1978. In the late 1990s, Jaynes's ideas received renewed attention as brain imaging technology confirmed many of his early predictions.

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Unfortunately, neither Jaynes nor Jung ever extended their studies into the Mother Goddess period that dominated all preliterate cultures until the advent of writing and the subsequent rise of the Male Gods.

Only poet Robert Graves made that breakthrough in his White Goddess (1948-1961 in various editions.

CLICK HERE to get a free PDF of Tthe White Goddess.

In this groundbreaking book he identified the Mother Goddess (The White Goddess) as the dominant God in preliterate cultures, equating her with the Muse. 

Although Graves interest was primarily in identifying the White Goddess as the Mother of Poetry, or the Muse, it opened doors that had been long closed. Although archeologists initially rejected his identification of preliterate cultures with the Mother Goddess, the later archeological findings of Marija Gimbutas vindicated his insights. 

My own ALICE HICKEY covers related ground and takes up where Graves left off. 

It is a must read for anyone interested in the psychic/artistic nature of the very early Mother Goddess cultures. 

To download and read a free PDF copy of ALICE HICKEY, CLICK HERE.


A very early, celebrated thinker on the Mother Goddess Period is archaeologist marija Gimbutas.

The Language of the Goddess
Marija Gimbutas

A quick excerpt on Marija Gimbutas from Wikipedia:

Joseph Campbell and Ashley Montagu each compared the importance of Marija Gimbutas' output to the historical importance of the Rosetta Stone in deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs. Campbell provided a foreword to a new edition of Gimbutas' The Language of the Goddess (1989) before he died, and often said how profoundly he regretted that her research on the Neolithic cultures of Europe had not been available when he was writing The Masks of God.

Click here for a more complete Wikipedia article on Marija Gimbutas.

Click here  to see an excellent, comprehensive video on Marija Gimbutas and The Language of the Goddess.


The Chalice and the Blade
          Riane Eisler

Click here for information about Riane Eisler

Click here for a free PDF of THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE.

"The Chalice and the Blade: the most important book since the Origin of the Species."

Ashley Montagu
Princeton Anthropologist

The premise of The Chalice and the Blade is that a transition from a partnership society (Mother Goddess Cultures) to a male dominated society (Male Gods) took place approximately 6,0000 years ago.

Riane Eisler describes how preliterate cultures (hunter/gatherer and early agricultural) were by their nature sharing. Those sharing cultures, which lasted for tens of thousands of years, survived, though barely, into historical times (around 4,000 B.C.)

These cultures were characterized by a worship of the divine feminine (Mother Goddess), the Mother being represented by the Chalice.

Around 4,000 B.C. (which is also about the time writing first appeared) those cultures were replaced with the beginnings of the patriarchy in which we live today. (See Julian Jaynes for a related look at this change.)

According to Eisler the forces that overthrew the Mother Goddess cultures worshipped not life and creativity, but death and destruction; in short, the Blade.


Here are some links to good, reliable web pages and YOUTUBE videos on various alternative thinkers that I have found to be both useful and informative.


John Mack was a distinguished Harvard psychiatrist  who brought a critical eye to the  problem of Alien  Abduction. I like his thinking and open mind. It is the kind of approach that should be brought to any alternative view.

Here are some links to Mack's thinking.


Joseph Campbell  knew more about myths than anyone and knew how to explain them to a general public. His books are excellent. 

His YOUTUBE channel is well worth viewing if you want an introduction to the true nature of preliterate myths and their continuing effect upon us. Joseph Campbell's Youtube Page.

Become a SOULSPEAK Partner. 



To the left are two depictions of preliterate humans. I have chosen the figure on the left to represent humans at the beginning of the preliterate period (150,000 thru 50,000BC) and the figure underneath it to represent them immediately before the advent of literacy (4000 BC).

Both of these preliterate humans were just as bright as we are. But there were a few critical differences.

Early humans had a much different consciousness. They did not have the reflective mind space that we have that allows us to imagine future paths.

In its place, they heard guiding psychic voices they took to be the Gods. In addition, they had easy access to their unconscious minds and the psychic realm.

They were not so much concerned with logically examining the world but intuitively imitating it through art. Oral story poetry, cave paintings, and sculpture were the primary forms.

We have only transcribed remnants of the great flood of oral poetry that once filled those cultures.

Some of the sculptures and paintings have survived intact. A few are shown below and are critical to understanding preliterate cultures.

The large number of female figures are from the very early (60,000 thru 4,000 BC) Mother Goddess period that preceded the rise of the male Gods.

But first let us consider this 17,000 year old drawing at Lascaux.

Here's an equally old drawing from another cave:

The art of preliterate man is hard to categorize. It ranges from the extremely simplistic to the sublime, as in these cave drawings.

My own take on the incredible art produced by the people who painted the walls of Lascaux and the other caves is two fold. 

One: not all preliterate peoples advanced uniformly. Some seem to have developed highly sophisticated cultures while others didn't. 

Two: preliterate man was a naturally artistic creature who experienced sudden bursts in creative insight because he always worked from the unconscious, which is unpredictable in its projected visions.














If you insist on taking the Biblical story of Noah as the revealed truth of God, and therefore factually true in every detail, this is not for you.

I'll also add that such a position goes against everything we know about how, and why, these early stories were created.

If you are open to viewing it, however, as an Hebraic oral myth that was eventually incorporated into the Book of Moses, you're on the right path. 

Unfortunately, however, here are the only things you can be sure of in the biblical story of Noah:

There was a preliterate man named Noah* who experienced a psychic vision telling him that a great flood **was about to occur because of God’s wrath. He built a craft to save himself and his family and a few farm animals and survived.

*(The name Noah comes from the verb (nuah 1323) meaning rest, settle down. This was either the man’s name or a name adopted or given to him by others to honor his survival.) 

** The entire world began to experienced massive flooding after 8000 B.C. as a result of a sudden retreat of the Ice Age causing the oceans to rise over 300 feet. This is one reason why there are hundreds of flood stories around the world.

In addition to this floods caused by the retreat of the Ice Age, there is evidence of another great flood occurring in 5500 B.C. in the Middle-East resulting from the sudden creation of the Black Sea, and another huge flooding of the eastern Mediterranean area in 6000 B.C. by a gigantic tsunami caused by an eruption of Mt. Aetna in Sicily.

There may have been many more floods caused by meteorites and eruptions that we don't know about yet. Exactly which flood is reflected in the many surviving flood stories is unclear.

One of these flood stories eventually incorporated Noah's vision and the boat he built to survive. This story (There was a preliterate man named Noah who experienced a psychic vision telling him that a great flood was about to occur because of God’s wrath. He built a craft to save himself and his family and a few farm animals and survived.) eventually became the seed of the enlarged story that made its way over the millennia into the Book of Moses in the Bible.

The enlarged story in the Bible's version of Noah is due to two factors: (1) exaggeration, which is the nature of preliterate oral tales, and ( 2) the Hebrews' religious vision that God’s destruction of them for their sins would always be followed by their redemption. 

In many senses, the Biblical story of Noah is a new Genesis.

OK, here's the detail on my contention:

The Biblical story about Noah's Ark is is an area alternative thinkers are constantly investigating in efforts to find remains of the ark.

Among the questions we have to answer are these: Did Noah exist, did the ark exist as described , and did the Flood take place as depicted?

If we want to understand the sources of the Biblical Noah, and how accurate that story is, we have to first understand that a number of flood/ark stories existed in other cultures. The scholarship is pretty tight on this.

There is also some dating that has been done by scholars which shows some of these flood stories predate the Hebraic flood story of Noah.

This can be misleading, however, because what  scholars are really talking about are the creation dates of the written versions of these stories. In other words what they are saying is that the written creation date of one preceded the  written creation date of the other, but this has nothing to do with how old each of these oral myths actually was.

This is because we also know that these stories existed as oral story poems for hundreds if not thousands of years before they were eventually transcribed into alphabetic writing somewhere around 1200 B.C., which is the approximate point in time that humans discovered alphabetic writing, although some like the Sumerians and Egyptians had a hieroglyphic written language as early as 3200 B.C.

At any rate, the oral story poem about Noah was most probably transcribed into early archaic Hebraic writing around 1200 BC, where it existed in "manuscript" form for about 400 years until it was entered into the Hebraic Bible around 700 B.C., which is the time when the Book of Moses was formalized out of hundreds of transcribed oral poems.  How long it existed in oral form is anyone's guess.

So we now have the story, but what few scholars (and alternative thinkers) don't see to understand is the extent to which a preliterate oral story poem can be trusted.

The answer is this: they can be highly accurate on a few matters and highly untrustworthy on most others.

First of all there is the problem of the story changing over great periods of time. 350 years  is the time gap between the Trojan war and the birth of Homer, the great oral poet who created the epic poem ( Illiad) about that war.

The Noah time gap between the flood and the first Hebraic written version of it is even larger. Some Biblical scholars give the date of the Flood as 2300 B.C., which is about the time when the pyramids were being built in Egypt.

This date is disputed by  scientists, who place the Flood at several  earlier dates. Nevertheless, even using the unscientific date of  2300 B.C. , this is a huge amount of time (2300 B.C. minus 1200 B.C. = 1100 years) for any culture to maintain a detailed, accurate oral story. It is not impossible, but as 350 years (the Illiad transcription) is the one proven time span we know, we have to be cautious.

This leads me to believe that most probably the written Noah story we see in the Bible was adopted orally by preliterate Pre-Hebraic tribes from the oral flood story of another semitic culture. The Pre-Hebraic tribes then expanded it over many generations until it relected the spiritual concerns of their culture.

I want to take you in a different direction now. Without going into the detailed thinking backing up my statements on how much oral poems can be trusted (which can be seen in my books listed at the end of this section) the answer is as follows for the Biblical Noah:

1) Here's the main rule that is never violated: all oral story poems are based on real physical or psychic events.

They were never imaginary fables, which are modern, literate inventions.

An actual massive flood event did take place somewhere in the middle eastern preliterate world. That can be taken as a fact.

Exactly, when and where is problematic, but there are several well-documented scientific theories about the occurrence of great floods in the  eastern Mediterranean  and I believe more will appear in time as we uncover instances of meteor collisions in the seas in the middle East.

2) A man named Noah (or a name with a similar linguistic root) did exist and he did fashion some kind of craft to save his family, his belongings and some animals. 

Here is some scholarship on the meaning of Noah.

(The name Noah (Noah) comes from the verb nuah (nuah 1323) meaning rest, settle down. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament reports that this root 'signifies not only absence of movement but being settled in a particular place [] with overtones of finality.)

Here an interesting situation arises. If we assume that the Hebrew root "nuah" preceded the date of the flood

then either

a) the man Noah was given this name at his birth in prophetic recognition of the fact he would bring the human race to a "place of final rest".


b) the man who built the craft accepted (or adopted) the name in honor of the fact that he had brought humanity to a "place of final rest".

In either case, the name Noah would have been rigidly honored after the Flood.

The names of heroes are one of the few things in oral story poems that are always correct, because in oral cultures, honoring a hero meant repeating his name in song correctly and endlessly. Honor, which to us is expendable, was the highest virtue in an oral culture. It would be unthinkable to change the hero's name.

4. The general theme of an oral story poem always reflects the world-vision of that culture.

Like the hero's name, it never changes, nor is it arbitrary because it emerges from the collective unconscious of that culture via the creative act of poetry.

The general theme of the Noah story is not unique. It occurs over and over in many preliterate cultures. In its simplest form it is this: The gods will destroy disobedient humans.

But the Noah story is a variation on that general theme. Tese variations also occur in many other cultures. 

The variation in the case of the Pre-Hebraic tribes is one of divine punishment by Water, which is of immense psychic importance because death by drowning, in the case of the these preliterate Pre-Hebraic tribes, implies a return to the "darkness of the waters" and thus sets the stage for a new Creation.

It is water's implied ability to create life as well as destroy it that gives the Noah story much of its unconscious power.

Let me put it this way: fire or comets or raging monsters would not have done the trick.

Such powerful story poems emerge when powerful events occur at a point in time when the collective unconscious of a culture has been searching for a way to express a yet to be born cultural truth.

It is an automatic, unconscious cultural response, which is the nature of these great preliterate story poems. This is why the name Noah and the central theme of the Flood are not arbitrary. It is out of the question because both are dictated by the power of the cultural, collective unconscious, which again, is always rooted in an actual psychic or physical event.

4) Here is something else that is never arbitrary : the nature or character of the hero.

Achilles is always courageous, Odysseus is always wily. It is no accident that Noah is depicted as obedient, a drunk , and not a deep thinker, i.e., he is a man driven by his instincts, his unconscious mind. In other words. he is driven by the unknowable forces within him.

In this, Noah is a stand-in for God, the ultimate "unknowable" power, in the re-seeding of the earth. There is also an echo of Homer's mysterious, brooding, psychically-rooted "wine-dark sea" in the drunken Noah.


5) Everything else in the story is subject to change. Everything.

Oral story poems were never consciously fashioned, as our TV dramas are. They emerged from the unconscious of individual poets in hundreds of songs that ebbed and flowed over hundreds of years. Like dreams they needed no prompting from the conscious mind, because they reflected unconscious cultural truths that needed to be sung of over and over.

So here's the run down on the Biblical Flood:

1) A flood event existed and triggered the initial story poem that was adopted (or perhaps created) by the Pre-Hebraic tribes .

2) Noah
 existed. His psychological nature and name as well as the theme of the Flood were orally preserved over hundreds if not thousands of years until they were transcribed into writing.

3.) The theme of Noah's Flood was a cultural vision of destruction and redemption that remained intact over hundreds of years until it was transcribed into writing.

4) Here's the kicker: everything else was subject to change, usually through exaggeration. Colors, dimensions, times, minor characters, costume, habits, etc.

Tall tales were not invented by Paul Bunyan. Thus the dimensions of the craft, the number and type of animals, the family members, the duration of the flood, where it finally grounded, etc., were all subject to exaggeration and change.

It happened organically out of the poet's unconscious. and the collective unconscious of the culture. It's the nature of oral story poems to grow in this manner over hundreds of years.

Don't forget, there are no written records, none. A change that took place in a retelling may not even have been noticed. Or if it was, it was easily accepted because the culture was ready to hear it.

For instance, the 40 day period of the flood before it receded most probably does not reflect any actual duration. If it was a flash flood it may have lasted for a few days or if by glacial melting, a very long time.

Forty days is a highly spiritual number: it signifies the time period most preliterate cultures held as the time between death and the body's decomposition, which was always seen as the time when the soul departed from the physical world into the Other World. Most probably the 40 days fit a cultural/spiritual need, in that it signified the time between death  (The Flood) and the entry of the Pre-Hebraic tribes into a new world.

One last note. As I mentioned earlier, we don't know whether the Pre-Hebraic tribes adopted the Flood story from earlier cultures so as to flesh out their own "punishment /redemption" story poems, or if it originated  out of their own flood experience is anyone's guess. Here's why:

We have to remember that the preliterate Pre-Hebraic tribes were polytheistic wanderers, most probably herders and perhaps craftsmen. Here is some scholarship that indicates that:

The term Hebrew means "to cross over a boundary". (ISBE, revised, Hebrew) Included in this thought is that a "Hebrew" would be one "who crossed over" or one who went from place to place, a nomad, a wanderer, an alien.

It is only after the time of Moses (1500 B.C.) that they became Jaweh's chosen people, the mono-theistic Hebrews and had an early heiroglphic written langusge. 

Thus, while the final transcribed written versions of the various Flood stories have originating dates as to their written publication, the question as to when the stories originated orally, and where, is essentially unanswerable. Even members of those ancient cultures would have no idea.

An oral world has few artistic boundaries, because oral story poems existed on the wind as poets and listeners came and went across vast areas.

It could be that one of the great oral flood stories originated with the Hebrews, or it could be they adopted one that described their cultural vision of destruction and redemption.

That adoption, however, would soon be forgotten. It would become theirs, because it expressed an unconscious cultural truth that needed expressing.

The written transcriptions of those great oral poems are sometimes all we have of those ancient times, because outside of the art work and stone structures that have survived, there are no permanent records of what those preliterate cultures were like.

We must never forget that in oral cultures, there is only the foggy past (many moons), the immediate present, and the great oral story poems that came and went on the wind.

Some of those great story poems, because of their spiritual and cultural truths, were retold over hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years until they were thrown upon the shores of literacy and transcribed into writing.

We must always remember, however, that they were subject to the kind of changes I have been indicating.

Let the buyer beware.

So anyone who is looking for a 500 foot, 3-story boat capable of carrying every animal known to man should think twice before setting out on an expedition.

This is why it pays to understand that the so called "document" you're relying on for facts is not a physical description like you'd find in Popular Science, but a (hopefully) somewhat accurately transcribed (and translated) Hebrew metaphor for the Divine destruction and re-creation/ redemption of the Hebrews.

In short, it is a work of art. It is as much about  the interior world than the exterior world of the Hebrews.

An interesting note: this is a replica of the biblical Ark, built by Dutchman Johan Huibers as a testament to his faith in the literal truth of the Bible. Johan got the idea to build the ark after having a dream about the Netherlands being flooded. He plans to set sail and travel to other parts of the country and eventually to major cities in Belgium and Germany.

Don't confuse this remarkable feat, however, with the preliterate myth of Noah. 

They are two different things, created by different eruptions of the imagination. 

No one will be reading or thinking about Johan 3000 years from now, in the same way as we have been reading and thinking about Noah for the past 3000 years. 

Think about it

I welcome your comments on anything in this blog or in my videos .


ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds  is a must read for anyone interested in the psychic world and the very early Mother Goddess cultures.

CLICK HERE to download and read a free copy of Alice Hickey

SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey of the Soul is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the nature of the preliterate oral poetry that gave birth to all of the world's great myths (and that now feed much of our alternative thinking).  

No ancient legend or myth can be correctly understood without understanding how and why these great story poems were

To download and read a free copy of this book, CLICK HERE

2. Atlantis: Fact or Fiction

All the evidence points towards Atlantis being a work of fiction created by Plato to make a moral point. 

The fact that some aspects of the story roughly reflect events  that we can be reasonably sure took place approximately 10,000 years ago is only evidence that Plato, like any good story teller, incorporated raisins of preliterate lore into his confection.

To a storyteller like myself, Plato’s Atlantis reeks of fiction, and very good fiction at that.

Added to this is the fact that most of Plato’s philosophical works were cast as stories e.g., the Socratic Dialogues, as opposed to the more modern recitation of facts used by Aristotle, his contemporary.

Plato was essentially a philosopher who expressed his ideas through stories, and was very skilled at it. If we don’t understand this, we miss the boat.

OK here's the detail.

The first thing you have to understand in determining if Atlantis is fact or fiction is this—Plato was not only a great philosopher, he was also a great storyteller.

Storytellers do more than recite facts: they are intent on creating small worlds that will entertain us, instruct us, mystify us, even deceive us in order to get at the root of a complex truth.

Alice Hickey, has a great deal to say about this storytelling aspect of Plato, whose Socratic Dialogues were stories designed not so much to reveal the character of Socrates—but the nature of truth, something much more illusive than the gadfly character of the real Socrates.

Although many consider Plato’s Republic to be a philosophical treatise on how to best organize a polis, some others—including myself—believe it to be a satire about the idiocy of trying to make the real world conform to philosophical theories.

Plato was much too intelligent to have actually believed someone (the so-called Philosopher King) could actually determine which roles people should play in a society and then actually take those selected people and construct a perfect society from the ground up.

Of course, Plato could have been an artistic fool who had no idea how the real world operated, but all we know about him argues against that.What makes the satire even more complete is that Plato was actually given a chance to do that by one of the Greek kings and failed miserably. Perhaps he had a bit of street theater in him as well.

Plato’s artistic bent made him radically different from his pupil Aristotle, who could be said to represent our current logical, observational approach to knowledge. Plato was much more complex.

This is not to say that Plato didn’t observe nature, and wasn’t logical, but he was also skilled in using storytelling to arrive at a truth in a much different way. 

We also have 
to keep in mind that Plato was never concerned with historical oddities (like Atlantis) for their own sake. We see none of that type of curiosity in his other writings.

He was, however, intensely concerned with the the nature of reality, and on the political side, the declining moral fiber of Athens. 

 I don’t know of any scholar who would dispute that Plato’s Atlantis story (of a once powerful country destroyed by the Gods because of corruption) wasn’t aimed directly at the declining character of the Athenians.

So we know what Plato was up to. He was constructing a story to illustrate a point: Athens couldn’t continue behaving in such an immoral way.

The only question that remains to be answered is this: is the story he wrote one of fact, or did Plato make it up out of the bits and pieces of catastrophe stories that had been undoubtedly passed down orally from preliterate times. 

(The destruction and flooding of Mycenaean Crete by the monstrous c.1600 B.C. Santorini explosion would be a good example of such an oral tale).

My take is that it was the latter. After all, as Alice Hickey points out, that is exactly what any good storyteller would do. I highly suggest you read Alice Hickey on this storytelling aspect of Plato. It will open your eyes and perhaps help you look at his story of Atlantis in a much more complex way.

It is clear from the various modern books on Atlantis that continue to come on the market 2300 years after Plato’s death that—unless mainstream science has completely missed the boat—Atlantis is not going to be found in the size and location indicated by the translations that have come down to us.

Sorry, but science is very good on matters like this. There is no evidence at all that a great landmass (equal in size to the United States) was once located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Andrew Collins has great deal to say about this in his book Gateway to Atlantis.

His research and arguments are convincing enough to make me believe that source of the catastrophe recounted by Plato is in actuality a very distant (9500 B.C.) meteoric event in the Caribbean with worldwide impact.

It is the oral memory of that immense catastrophe that was heard by early trans-Atlantic sailors who then brought it back to the Mediterranean, where it began to grow its own tale so to speak— because there is absolutely no evidence that an advanced civilization like Atlantis existed in the Caribbean around 9500 B C., at best only Stone Age tribal cultures with a natural interest in the stars.

Exactly when that catastrophe story first landed in the Mediterranean is hard to say, but we know from the recent testing of the mummies of Pharaohs for traces of cocaine that cocaine trading between the Americas and Egypt was occurring at least by 2500 B.C.—so 2500 B.C. is a good date to start with when these oral tales of destruction could have started to make their way back to Egypt and eventually thousands of years later to Plato in Greece.

That cocaine trade may have been going on prior to that, but we have no mummies to test. That leaves 7000 years between the actual meteoric Caribbean event and its being recorded in hieroglyphics by the Egyptians sometime around 2500 B.C. in the supposed detail Plato gives us.

That is an excruciatingly long time for an oral catastrophe story to be passed on unchanged by members of various Caribbean oral cultures to various merchant sailing cultures (Myceanean, Egyptian, Phoenician) before it finally achieves written form in Egypt around 2500 B.C.—by which time hieroglyphics were well established in Dynastic Egypt. (The Phoenician alphabet didn’t come into being until around 1000B.C.)

I suggest you read Part V of my book SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey of the Soul on the nature and accuracy of oral transmission in preliterate cultures to see the ways in which stories were distorted and enlarged before you assume they could be passed down over a 7000 year period.

It just doesn’t happen. The Caribbean catastrophe story undoubtedly grew its own tale long before Plato got hold of it and added his own little literary fillips. 

Believe me, it never stops. So here is the situation: a highly modified 7000 year old oral tale lands in the Mediterranean where it began growing more tales and then, 2200 years later it winds up in the hands of Plato, the storyteller (300 B.C.).

As there are no existing Egyptian records of Atlantis and no other accounts of Atlantis that we know of by any other person in any other culture, the jury is out as to whether all the feathers on the bare bird called Atlantis came from Plato's supposed Egyptian source, or if most of the feathers came from remnants of oral catastrophe/flood stories that drifted around the Mediterranean as sailor's lore, with the remaining bright plumes being products of Plato's imagination.

My best guess is the latter case. I believe the Egyptian “connection” was to a large degree made up, not only for the insightful artistic reasons that Alice Hickey gives but also because keeping records of faraway oddities was not an Egyptian (2500 B.C.) concern.

After all, why would the Egyptians, who were a highly spiritual, soul-obsessed culture, have bothered to collect and maintain such a detailed story?

They weren’t really interested in anything outside of the spiritual realm called Egypt.

It is far more likely that such a detailed description of Atlantis would have been maintained in some form by those Mediterranean cultures (Egyptian,Mycenaean, Phoenecian) who were engaged in transatlantic/Mediterranean trading and whose sailors were, by nature, curious about everything.

(The exception to this curiosity may have been be the Phoenicians, who, it seems, had no interest in other cultures, only trading. They would leave their goods on the shore and then come back in several days to pick up what was offered in return.)

But this may not have been the case in the Caribbean, where it is clear that the trading was long term and highly sophisticated (cocaine and cotton being the desired raw materials). Relationships with the Mexican/Peruvian sources were surely developed to insure delivery and quality.

As sailors are by nature tale spinners, all Plato would have had to do was to go down to the docks of Piraeus and keep his ears open. So there was surely a rich source of raw catastrophe material.

A second, related question that begs to be answered is this: if Plato's Atlantis was created out of bits and pieces of existing catastrophe stories, is it geologically possible that such an island (as described by Plato) could have ever existed anywhere or is its basic geological description merely one of the bright plumes added by Plato.

Outside of the size and impossible mid-Atlantic location—which Andrew Collins shows may have been due to a translation error that may have gone unnoticed for centuries, Plato's Atlantis has many geological oddities.

One of the surface geological features that makes us suspect Plato made up the basic geological description of Atlantis is his report that there were very large preexisting circular canals embedded in natural rock formations prior to the founding of Atlantis. Plato says these were the work of the Gods.

Digging canals is one thing, finding preexisting canals is another. For the resolution of this conundrum and several others (such as the extraordinary canal depths and widths) I suggest you read the amazing research of Ulf Richter.

Richter took Plato’s description apart piece by piece, compared it to known rock and island formations, as well as what we know about existing ancient docks/canals, and comes up with the conclusion that Plato’s description makes sense if we also conclude that Plato got the unit of measurement wrong.

It is the best piece of research I have ever seen. I suggest you study it.

It may be that Plato was aware of such ringed rock formations as those in North African Mauretania that Richter cites. Perhaps Plato used those stories to construct his preexisting Atlantis canal rings.

Plato implies that this gift from the Gods of three very large stone canals encouraged the residents to rather easily dig (out of dirt) a secondary canal scheme that would lead to the ocean and other locations in Atlantis.

There is nothing that can turn a suspicious reader completely around as to the accuracy and truth of a "tall tale" than a generous and expert sprinkling of known, accepted lore throughout the tale, and I believe this stone canal gambit is an excellent example of Plato's skill with such devices.

Although you may be thinking that Richter was able to identify a geologic site somewhere in the world similar to his final description of Atlantis, he wasn’t able to suggest any known place, sunken or otherwise, that fits.

So all we can again conclude is that Plato was indeed extremely skilled in stitching his geological description of Atlantis together from many sources.

Evidence of this can be seen in Richter's conclusion that Plato's geological description of Atlantis echoes that of other island/seaside/harbor/canal descriptions of preliterate seaports.

So that leaves us with one final question: is it possible that Plato's catastrophic tale (no matter how stitched up it became with bits and pieces of catastrophe lore) is actually based on a huge meteoric catastrophe that occurred in 9500 B.C. and that some of the stitched-in bits describing the destruction of an actual island empire are bits of that catastrophic lore?

The answer is unequivocally NO.

Oh, a huge catastrophe undoubtedly did occur in the Caribbean in 9500 B.C., that's not being questioned. Andrew Collins is pretty good on this.

What is being questioned is this: for such a detailed memory of a meteoric event in 9500 B.C. to have accurately maintained itself orally from 9500 B.C. until the first Mediterranean sailors hit the Caribbean in 2500 B.C. goes against everything we know about the accuracy of oral transmission in preliterate cultures.

The inaccuracy inherent in oral transmission over great lengths of time (especially of historical dates) illustrates the Achilles heel of all Atlantis theories, namely the huge length of time between the event and Plato.

The date Plato gives of the destruction of Atlantis is approximately 9500 B.C.

That date is so distant from the time in which the earliest writing emerged (3200 B.C./hieroglyphics), that just entertaining the thought that historical information about the catastrophe could have been accurately maintained for 7000 years boggles the mind of anyone with any knowledge of how preliterate cultures actually maintain and preserve knowledge.

I have no doubt that oral tales would have abounded throughout the Caribbean from 9500 B.C. on, but those tales would have been so mangled by their transmission over that length of time that God knows what would have come through intact except some very basic facts and names (Atlaxxx, fire, destruction, sinking, flood).

Everything else is up for grabs. I say that as someone very familiar with preliterate oral transmission and traditions.

But that is still not the primary problem, which is this: how did any of these preliterate cultures record and keep track of the date of destruction so that they could hand it to the seafaring traders 7000 years later?

Sorry, in preliterate cultures, their sense of time didn't work the way ours does. Preliterate people had a very simple way of describing the distant past. It's called "long, long ago."

Any hard date, like 9500 B C., is a very big stinky herring. 
Collins has no real answer for this, because there is none.

As fantastic as it seems, all we can really say is that Plato somehow made the date up  and that it happens to coincide with the date of the Caribbean meteoric catastrophe.

There is no other answer when it comes to the date except to suppose that somehow a literate shadow civilization existed over that 7000 year period and that it maintained the date of the catastrophe (and details) until it was finally recorded by one of our known the literate civilizations.

I don't think so. And neither do any of the theorists who have put forth this phantom civilization. They all assume it was a preliterate civilization.

As for the rest of the bits and pieces of Plato's story, suffice it to say that Plato made up some of it them (like any good story teller) and the rest were delivered to him  
by some equally good maritime storytellers.

And we should never forget this fact: Plato made two lunges at the Atlantis myth (Timaeus and Critiasand then broke off in the last elaboration and went on to something else.

Anyone who is a novelist or short story writer understands what happened to Plato. He must have simply felt that the elaborate tale, despite his best efforts, wasn't going to be that convincing, especially with the cynical Athenians.

In other words, it wasn't worth finishing. He sent it to the circular file where it was, fortunately or unfortunately, retrieved by his students after his death and given a new life.

We should all be so lucky.



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The one critical question that has yet to be answered about  UFOs and Alien Visitations/Abductions  is this: Are they imaginary  or real?  If they are real,  are they as  physically real as you and I and the houses we live in.

If that question can ever be emphatically answered in favor of being physically real by  presenting actual physical UFOs and Aliens that can be physically and rationally  examined, we will have solved one of the most perplexing mysteries of modern times. 

My own view is based on my own experience, my knowledge of preliterate cultures and the lessons of history. Let me also say that I am not a religious person, so that my citing of Gods doing this and that is simply a reporting of what our religious texts have recorded. 

It is important to understand that these religious and spiritual texts, which Alien Theorists quote extensively as if they were factual documents, are, in fact,  transcriptions of a vast number of oral story poems that filled the preliterate world as soon as humans began to speak. 

The most important of these are spiritual in nature and always about the same things: the nature of the Gods, the nature of the world and its creation, and most importantly, the creation and nature of human beings. 

These story poems existed for thousands of years prior to the invention of writing at which time some of them were transcribed into writing. These, presumably, were those of great importance to that culture. 

What we didn't get in many cases were transcriptions of those oral story poems that were of less significance, poems that would give us a better, fuller  sense of the culture in question.

It is also important to understand that these story poems are works of art, not fact, and that they speak in the language of poetry, which is the language of metaphor. 

Thus, for example, when the act of creation in these oral story poems is described,  it is always metaphorically (not factually) because creation itself is a mystery (e.g., something out of nothing) and can only be described indirectly through the use of metaphor.

Thus: Man was created of mud and light is a metaphoric expression that attempts to impart a sense of the unique physical and spiritual/intellectual qualities of human beings. 

It doesn't mean that when you physically examine a human being down to their smallest elements you will find mud and light. Unfortunately, this is what is happening when Alien theorists examine these early transcriptions. I hope you can see why this can lead to wrong interpretations of these texts. 

These early story poems existed in all cultures, from the largest like Sumeria and Egypt, as well as the smallest hunter/gatherer tribes in remote parts of the world. Some of them were transcribed. Most of them were not, however, and have been lost forever.That is the situation we find ourselves in today.

Although the particulars of the various Creation oral  story poems may differ, they are always about the same things: the nature of the Gods, the nature of the world and its creation, and most importantly, the creation and nature of human beings. 

Therefore, even before we start out, we must question the most basic assumption of Alien theorists: that the texts they like to quote, such as the early Sumerian texts (which are transcriptions of preliterate story poems), are factual records of Extraterrestrial  visitations in which early humans were elevated genetically and mentally into the human beings we know today. 

If this is so, then  the hundreds, if not thousands of hunter/gatherer tribes around the world who created such Creation oral story poems must have been individually visited by Aliens. 
It is possible that happened, but not probable, and it is the most probable explanation that we are looking for, as anything is possible. 

I'm not talking here about  oral story poems about Creation that were passed down within a culture as it dispersed over the globe, such as in the Polynesian culture, but original oral story poems about Creation  of which there were  hundreds , if not thousands 

We have to remember that it is the inherent nature of  humans to create stories about everything, but most especially their nature and origins, because the  desire and ability to create  stories is what separates humans from all other  animal species. 

Everything else follows from that desire and ability to create  stories: the invention of fire, tools, self-awareness, awareness of God, etc.. This may be a new thought to you, but it is ancient and still holds. Much of my novel, ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds, is about this. I suggest you read Chapter 49 if you want more detail on this. Click here for a free PDF.  

As I know a great deal about preliterate cultures and psychic phenomena, my personal view is that both the Gods of preliterate tribes and the Aliens described by modern theorists are not physical but psychic phenomena that have risen unbidden and of their own accord from the unconscious of humans at various periods in history. 

This is not to say they are unreal, or imaginary, presences, only that they are not factual, physical presences. They are real, but psychically real, and as we shall see, they can be almost indistinguishable from physically real presences. 

They are as real as Jaweh was to Moses on the Mountain.  What I mean by that is that Moses'  psychic visitation changed the course of the history as much as any of the physical events of that historic period c. 1500 B.C..

I'll say more about this later, and lay out the tests that have always allowed us to distinguish between physical and psychic visitations. Unfortunately,  our own Western scientific culture believes only in a physical reality, so it dismisses psychic realities out of hand as being hallucinations or brain short circuits and the like, thereby leaving most of those who have had such visitations  no alternative but to keep quiet about it to avoid being called crazy or go with the current scientific world view and accept these psychic phenomena as physical phenomena or be called crazy.

If you understand  this, you can begin to understand why we have never physically trapped an Alien or a UFO for scientific investigation and why we never will. As for those printed and audio reports and videos that purport to show or describe such evidence, the actual evidence has never been made available in physical form for rigid scientific investigation. Never. Remember that.

Again this is not to say that such Aliens and UFOs are hallucinations. They are real, but real in a psychic, or spiritual way, not a physical way. To see the truth about Aliens and UFOs you have to change your eyes. 

Let me also say right from the start that UFOs and Alien Visitations are completely different phenomena that we have somehow  linked together despite the fact there is only one incident in which the two have been witnessed together by outsiders and that incident has been pretty much proven to be a fraud. 

They are indeed linked, however, but in a much more subtle way. I'll go into this in detail as we proceed. Here is what I think is the actual situation vis a vis the physical reality of UFOs and Aliens. 

1. UFOs are in most cases physically real and in other cases, psychic manifestations that have an extremely compelling reality. I'll give examples as I go along.

2. Aliens and Alien Visitations /Abductions are not physically real but have a compelling psychic reality that is often indistinguishable from ordinary reality. There are tests, however, that will reveal whether it was a physical or psychic happening. I'll give examples as I go along. 

Before I get into the heavy stuff, I  want to mention that most Alternative thought on  UFOs and Alien Visitations/Abductions  is based on the belief that there is no other universe than the physical universe, i.e., there is no spiritual or psychic universe. 

This is a view it holds in common with our  traditional scientific view of the universe. What this means is that Alternative theorists are as tightly wound into the Western scientific view of reality as is the scientific establishment. Thus the only way they can explain  Alien phenomena is to immediately assume that Aliens are a physical reality.

Despite Harvard psychiatrist John Mack’s substantial findings to the contrary, namely that these visitations are psychic phenomena not physical phenomena, most alternative theorists continue to cling to the belief that the Aliens are physical beings. This does not mean that Alien visitations are hallucinations, or the imaginings of idle minds. They are not unreal, but very realThey are nothowever,  physical events.

Mack makes the point that psychic events have no place in Western thought, so such events are immediately considered unreal (hallucinations), whereas in Eastern thought, such visitations are seen as real as the clothes you are wearing.

What puzzles me is how ignorant most Alien theorists are about psychic events and, even more important, how real  those psychic events can be. I include in this, by the way,  those who have reported being visited and/or abducted by Aliens. That is somewhat understandable, however, given the pervasive scientific worldview we are caught up in. 

Yet there are certain tell-tale characteristics of a compelling psychic reality that will tell careful observers that the reality they are observing, though seemingly indistinguishable from  ordinary physical reality, is anything but that. It is one indication how dominant western scientific thought has become, i.e., it has sifted down to the everyday level of thinking about the world so that no other possibility than the physical is ever taken into consideration.

Yet for someone like myself who is familiar with psychic events and their characteristics, as well as how real they can be, it is startling how those who have experienced Alien visitations/ abductions are so oblivious to the clues embedded in that reality that they never seem to consider that the visitation/abduction, as real as it seems, might not be the same kind of “real” as the clothes they are wearing.

What exactly are the clues that signal these visitations are a psychic reality? First of all, my own experience tells me  that the psychic visitations I'm talking about are so compelling and absorbing that  in almost all cases the person being visited only becomes aware of these clues after the visitation has ended. When it does end, however, any or all of these clues will indicate that  it was a psychic visitation. 


1) The appearance of the Aliens (large eyes, no mouth, telepathic speech and understanding).

This is not a Hollywood fabrication unconsciously imitated by those who have been visited by aliens. For one thing, Large eyes are a primal unconscious projection of “those who know, who see all" and this depiction has roots going back to the beginning of time. 

They can be seen in preliterate cultures around the world.  See the preliterate figures above and the preliterate Egyptian Mother Goddess figure who has large (knowing) eyes also on her breasts (below, L).

 Mother Goddess
w large eyes
Julian Jaynes points out that in many middle eastern preliterate communities, small figurines (above, L) with very large eyes were in every home and were obviously used to trigger the internal psychic, compelling voices that he says preliterate humans relied on for guidance. He also points out that those  internal psychic, compelling voices were a part of the much different consciousness of preliterate humans, because it was a consciousness that constantly heard compelling, directive voices that originated from the right side of their brains which they took as coming from the Gods. 

Preliterate humans, in the few places they survive today, see the world in the same way that I have just delineated: that the voice and visions they have are real, but they are from the Other World, the non-physical world, and that they are the voices of ancestors (or the Gods that created those ancestors).

Large Eyes mean Gods
Alien theorists could object to Jaynes’ insight by saying that the figurines were representations of physical Aliens from space, they would also have to explain why they were in almost every home and why they were generally placed above the buried bones of the  ancestors of the person whose home it was, and why they were always referred to as ancestors, and not "teachers" or "masters" or "guides from another world". 

It doesn't help that Alien theorists can go on and on like this forever, substituting "Alien" for  ancestor or divinity whenever those terms, or depictions of those terms, occur in ancient, preliterate pictographs, petroglyphs, statues and oral story poems, all of which they take as factual records rather than the metaphoric, artistic statements they really are. 

This failing indicates to me  that Alien theorists don't have the slightest idea of the "vision" nature of preliterate art, i.e., it was an art created as the result of a psychic/spiritual  vision rather than an art that sought to realistically portray a factual event, which is what most of our art is today. 

This only reinforces my belief that Alien theorists are completely ignorant of the nature of preliterate cultures and the preliterate mind that gave rise to these artifacts. Part of the problem, as I've just said,  is that  these verbal and visual visitations recorded in various oral story poems and works of art have been taken by Alien theorists as representations of factual visitations by superior physical beings, but that is not how preliterate man saw them ( and recorded them). 

Preliterate man saw the source of his directive voices and visions as being that of his ancestors and the Gods who created those ancestors. It was one long chain. It is still with us today.  Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious, but it was an unconscious much more available to the mind of preliterate man than it is to ours, where it surfaces very infrequently and primarily in dreams.

2) Another clue that signals it is a psychic reality is that the aliens are never able to completely explain a final ultimate view of the universe and the role they play in it. 

This is perhaps the key clue. There are numerous situations where those who have been abducted have been led to a “book of knowledge” that explains everything only to find  it unreadable. This is a common occurrence in psychic visitations and has been since the beginning of time.

3) Still another clue is that despite the “reality” of the Aliens (and the "space ships" that abductees are often brought to) there is always an intense emotional sense of something “special”, or "spiritual", or "divine" happening. 

Many of those who have been visited, by the way, report that their initial sense of the visitation being "spiritual" in nature grows stronger with passing of time. 

Simply put, something in us recognizes that this is a psychic reality that is communicating with us.

This intense emotional sense is not present in ordinary reality, but is  always present in psychic visions. Just so you understand me, I consider the Virgin of Guadeloupe and Virgin of Fatimavisitations to be the same kind of psychic visitations. 

4) Another clue is that the visitations don’t generally occur as they do in the Hollywood version of such encounters where it is usually envisioned as an encounter between groups, e.g., the army and aliens, scientist and aliens, government officials and aliens. 

Rather they almost always occur as an individual encountering an alien or a small group of aliens, which is how psychic visitations generally occur and indeed as they have been recorded in the spiritual man/God encounters that have come down to us from the beginning of time.

5) Another clue lies in what has been called the "telepathic ability" of the Aliens, i.e., upon recollection, those visited often recall that the Aliens had no mouths, and yet they could hear the Aliens speaking to them.

This non-verbal communication, however, is not new. It is a standard component of psychic visions and goes back to the earliest recorded visitations of divinities and ancestors. In some of these these visitations, there  are reports that the Gods spoke "mind to mind".  

In addition, what is heard is very  compelling, i.e., what is relayed to those being visited has a sense of being undeniably true. This was instinctively taken by preliterate humans as meaning the message was  spoken by a superior being, i.e., a divinity or ancestor. Again Julian Jaynes  should be read on this. Click here for a free PDF of his groundbreaking book. 

6) Another clue lies in the fact that what is being said by the "Aliens" is  metaphoric in nature. This occurs in all psychic visitations back to the beginning of time. 

We can see it in the ancient stories of what the Gods said. While there is never any confusion as to what the Gods have said, i.e., they spoke distinctly, there was often a great deal of  uncertainty as to what the Gods meant, i.e., what the Gods said may have had several meanings. 

Let me give you some examples. When a disaster visited the early Hebrews, they used the written Torah to aid them in debating and logically deciding where they  had failed to observe the commandments in the Torah, so they wouldn't be punished by God again. 

This uncertainty about the meaning of a psychic message  is one of the marks of psychic visitations (which the Torah is, being given to Moses by God). This is because a psychic communication is generally metaphoric

That is their nature, and that is why, in most early cultures, seers and shamans were employed to ferret out the true meaning of dreams and visions, all of which are metaphoric communications from the unconscious. If you need an example of this, think of Joseph's dream interpretation abilities in the Bible and the Pharaoh who depended on him.

Let me give you another example of  metaphoric speech. The person being visited by a psychic presence might ask: "Why is my mind so confused as to why you have come?" The psychic presence might answer: "No one knows," or " You are confused because your mind is limited" which are  direct but not very helpful answers. More likely however, would be a metaphoric answer like this:  "You are confused because your mind is on fire." 

It could mean many things: your mind is diseased, your understanding is clouded by fever, you are thinking too much,  etc.. This failure to recognize these ancient preliterate divine/unconscious communications as metaphoric is perhaps the most serious failing of our Alien theorists, as they take it as factual. Wrong. Wrong.

7) Let me add another clue: the idiomatic aspect of the "telepathic communication" experienced in an Alien abduction / psychic visitation. 

As I mentioned earlier, psychic presences always speak  seamlessly in the local idiomatic language of the person being visited. There is never any confusion as to what they were saying, although as I've mentioned there could be considerable confusion as to what it meant. The Hebrew God always speaks the Hebrew of that time, the  God of Joan of Arc always speaks 15th century French.

If aliens were physical beings, i.e., technologically advanced physical beings, you might expect them to speak and hear through an electronic translator, such as we have today on our PCs. 

After all, the Aliens, who are supposedly physical beings,  supposedly came here in a physical, technically advanced craft according to  those who have been taken on board. 

Thus we would expect their speech to be physical, since they are physical, and somewhat  formal, maybe even awkward (or even archaic as it may have been learned through radio communication hundreds or thousands of years before their visit). 

Yet from all reports this isn't the case as there is every indication that a familiar,  flexible, idiomatic language is used by the Aliens. There is nothing mechanical or formal or awkward about the Aliens' speech. That is because the Aliens are psychic presences  issuing from the unconscious and therefore using the hearers' own internal idiomatic language facilities.

So much for the clues that indicate that the visitation was psychic, and not a physical visitation by an Alien. As an aside,  I remember one Alien theorist telling me that the effect of an Alien communication on humans   is exactly the same as a psychic visitation, and that this was also true for all ancient physical visitations by Aliens. 

What Alien theorists are saying, in effect, is that psychic visitations are indistinguishable from physical visitations which we know is patently untrue. It is also an absurd argument: either the Alien visitation is physical or it's not.  You can't have it both ways.

In effect,  Alien theorists are saying that a psychic/ spiritual visitation such as Yahweh speaking to Moses on the mountaintop, is really a physical communication made by an Alien to Moses. 

Yet everything in the Old Testament and the course of history afterwards undeniably tells us that this event was concerned with spiritual, not genetic or physical, matters, and that the spirituality imparted was directly concerned with the moral/ spiritual conduct of the Hebrews from that point in time on. 

What Moses and his successors did afterwards was not build a better widget or become more savvy because of some physical/ genetic information imparted by some Alien, but have one of those mysterious leaps in understanding that goes on all the time with human beings. What Moses and his successors did as a result of their leap was create a written theology ( the Torah) that would (hopefully) spiritually guide them  so they would always be in spiritual alignment with the laws  given them by Yahweh on the mountain top. 

And please, please don't tell me that Yahweh's hundreds of moral and spiritual admonitions as expressed in the Torah are exactly the same moral and spiritual admonitions that our Alien visitors from 1000 light years away have always possessed. In other words the Aliens didn't eat pork either. Please. Please.

Alien theorists can dance up and down like medieval angels on the head of a pin, claiming Yahweh was a physical visitation by an Alien, but our deepest instincts tell us that this was a psychic/ spiritual visitation that changed the course of history. 

These deep eruptions of the collective unconscious are always shrouded in mystery  as to why they took the form they did, and why they occurred when they did, and why they had such an impact on the course of human events, but that is their nature. 

If Alien theorists are going to insist that the tens of thousands of humanity's leaps in understanding over the course of human history are the result of physical visits by physical Aliens, then I suggest they read what Einstein, or Beethoven or Shakespeare or Newton had to say about the nature of their experience when their great insights came to them.  

One thing I really dislike about Alien theorists is they have absolutely no respect for  the stunning range of  human intelligence and creativity. 

You can be a couch potato and claim it is Aliens doing all this and continue eating chips in a kind of blissful ignorance,  or or you can be man up and accept that what guides the human race at its deepest level  is an unfathomable mystery.

Alien theorists can go on and on substituting Aliens for the unfathomable mystery of our existence, but they eventually have to answer this simple yet critical question: "Where's the beef?" 

In other words, show  me any kind of proof beyond mere speculation that backs up the Alien theorists' contention that all visitations of Gods and angels recorded by ancient preliterate cultures were really records of physical visits by Aliens. 

As I've  said earlier, if these preliterate, metaphoric  story poems and petroglyphs and artifacts are really records of physical visits, this would mean that Aliens would have had to visit hundreds if not thousands of preliterate tribes around the preliterate world in order for those tribes to have created these artifacts, which differ in the particulars but are almost identical in their themes. 

I don't think so. We are looking for a most reasonable approach here, and by that I mean, we have to look for a proof that is based not on what is possible (because almost anything is possible) but what is probable.  

What Alien theorists can give us now, and all they can give us now, are speculations similar to this: "This rock carving ( or this passage from Gilgamesh) indicates an alien in a space suit guiding  a human," when there could be many other interpretations of the metaphoric petroglyph or passage from Gilgamesh. Among them would be that it is  a representation of the psychic visitation of a God, or an intuition, or a dream, which is what ancient preliterate humans would have told us. 

Preliterate humans knew the difference between a physical and psychic visitation. They weren't stupid, in fact they were more tuned into the difference than contemporary man is. What's more,  this is exactly what contemporary preliterate people would say about such things. 

Thus, while the ancient humans who made these carvings can't speak to us,  there is plenty of supporting proof from contemporary preliterate cultures  of my position as well as from the other things left us by these ancient cultures (spiritual practices, art).

If any Alien theorist can supply me with any kind of proof of their position beyond mere speculation,  you know my email.

I think if those who believe in Aliens were aware of how preliterate peoples lived and thought, and how different their minds were, they would walk away from their belief in Aliens being physical beings from outer space. I suggest you read the free PDF of my RIVER MOTHER: the Face of the Sphinx to get a good taste of this. 


Let me say something more about these advanced craft often described by those who are abducted by Aliens.  I'm not talking here about the independently observed UFOs because those are a different matter which I'll take up later. I'm talking about the advanced crafts observed (inside and out) in an Alien abduction. 

Again, I'm not disputing that the abductees are being  visited, just that the visitations were psychic not physical, just as the representations of these craft are not physical but psychic representations. 

One piece of very strong evidence backing this up is the fact that there has never been an undisputed, documented case of witnesses seeing people being taken in board a UFO.

Budd Hopkins
According to Budd Hopkins, who is an open-minded and widely regarded investigator of alien abductions,  there is only one (1) documented case of outside observers seeing a UFO take people on board, and that is the case of the people who were abducted in late 1989 near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, which is the subject of Hopkins' 1996 book, Witnessed

I was surprised when I read Hopkins on this, as I had read contradictory reports claiming that both the observers and those supposedly abducted were frauds, so I really don't know if even this one case written about by Hopkins can really be substantiated. 

But the fact that of the thousands of alien  abductions, there is only one situation where the abducted people have actually been seen entering a UFO by outsiders points to a very high likelihood that the UFO phenomena and Alien abductions are two completely separate phenomena, and that the "advanced crafts" experienced by abductees is  simply the mind filling in the most likely scenario (Aliens must live in UFOs).

And then there is this: after 65 years of intense scrutiny by individuals and governments, no hard proof in the way of physical remains of aliens or their craft have ever been obtained for scientific scrutiny. None. Oh, there are plenty of frauds, but frauds don’t count.


I could name more clues as to how to detect psychic visitaions, but first let me say something about the reality of such visitations. They can be blindingly real to people who have been abducted

I have no doubt that a spellbinding reality can be fabricated by the unconscious and projected into consciousness. It can create a reality so real as to completely fool us (except for the clues, but those clues often can't be detected during the visitation because the person being psychically visited is a passive, accepting observer, much as a dreamer is.) It is only when the visitation is recalled afterwards that some of the clues can be detected. 

I have had several experiences where I went to sleep in my bedroom and then woke up at night and walked about my apartment opening and closing very real doors in the apartment, turning lights off and on, hearing intruders, etc., only to find that I was not really awake because I would suddenly really wake up (this time for real) and find myself still in bed, stunned at how I had been completely fooled by the reality of the mentally fabricated “waking” experience.

I hope that  I’ve said enough about my personal dream experiences and the demonstrably  psychic nature of Alien visitations and abductions (as well as their overwhelming “reality”) to make you entertain the possibility that these events are not physical. But they are very, very real.

The fact of the matter is we are being visited, but it is not by physical beings.

The real question then  is: what or who is visiting us and why? 

This is especially relevant because modern western people have become strangers to their unconscious as compared to preliterate man, who seemed to have slipped between the conscious and unconscious realm quite easily.

This implies a tremendous force from what Jung called the collective unconscious is breaking into the conscious minds of some of us.
If we push aside the question of UFOs for a moment, as they are really a separate issue despite their frequent association with Alien visitations, and just concentrate on the Aliens being psychic visitations, we still have to answer the following:

1. How have these psychic visitations managed to break into a modern consciousness which is so locked into the physical world.

2. Why now, at this point in time?

3. To what purpose?

I have no definitive answer to these questions, but have a few suggestions.

First let me tell you a story. I have an acquaintance who may be the most literal, unintuitive person I have ever met. We meet annually when he comes to Florida and he always looks me up. 

He is very intelligent, is a world traveler, and capable of expressing himself lucidly, but he tells me the physical world is the only world he has ever experienced. He has never had an intuition, or vision or heard voices and never dreams, but we know that to be scientifically impossible. 

The truth is that he never recalls his dreams, i.e., his conscious mind must block out the memories of his dreams.
Yet he is not closed minded. He frequently asks me questions about my intuitive/psychic experiences, and I often have the impression I am a New Guinea native being gently questioned by an anthropologist who doesn’t have a clue. Yet as extreme as his case may be, I would say it’s quite representative of  a good number of us.

Here’s where I’m going with this. One year, I would say 6 or 7 years after we first met, he said he wanted to tell me something because he thought I’d understand. He went on to tell me about a trip he took to Paris many years before with several friends. One afternoon he decided to go to a location where a beautiful small medieval chapel once stood that he had a hunger to see.  He knew it had been replaced long ago by an apartment house, but he just wanted to visit the locale. His companions weren’t interested, so he decided to go alone.

When he got to the area and turned the corner, right in front of him was the medieval chapel. 

He opened the door and the chapel was ablaze with candles. He raced back to his companions and dragged them to see what he had seen. But the chapel wasn’t there, only the apartment house. 

He looked at me for some kind of explanation as to what had happened and I told him he had a vision. But it wasn’t a vision, he said, it was real I told him visions were real, but they were a psychic reality constructed by his unconscious that for all intents and purposes can seem as real as his shoes.
He asked me why it had happened, why then? I told him my best guess is that his unconscious wanted to wake him up to the mystery of human existence and must have taken advantage of the slight chink in his conscious armor caused by his hunger to visit the site and managed to break through.

Now here’s the real point. When I brought this up several years later he had no recollection of ever telling me this or it ever happening. His conscious armor had repaired itself by forgetting an experience that threatened to topple his entire world view if he had fully admitted it into his conscious mind.

That is the situation with most of us today.

I am suggesting what is happening is that a new form of consciousness is evolving, one that is more intuitive, not more logical. It is a re-balancing, because our older consciousness has become unbalanced in its internal insistence of logic over intuition, self over soul, reason over feeling. 

Every 2300 years or so, a new form of consciousness or knowledge seems to arrive. The last one  was the Age of Pisces. We are in the first stages of The Age of Aquarius, which is the name of the current 2300 year cycle. You should read Jung on this.  

Here are the previous Ages/cycles, which are linked to the earth's 26,000 year precession. I've taken it from a a very detailed site THE GRAND AGES AND THE COMING OF AQUARIUS.  The exact dates for Aquarius are hotly debated. Depending on who does the interpretation, the meaning of some of the Ages may differ.

+/- 1900 AD ????   - 4200 AD???

+/- 300 BC - 1900 AD ????   

+/- 2500 BC - 300 BC

+/- 4700 BC- 2500 BC

+/- 6900 BC - 4700 BC

As far as this interpretation goes, my own knowledge of preliterate cultures tells me that it is more likely that the Age of Taurus should be Communication and Writing while the Age of Gemini should be Control of Earth, Agriculture, as the first vestiges of Agriculture appeared around 6500 B.C. and the first Writing appeared around 3200 B.C.. 

What is important though, is that for the last four cycles, immense changes have taken place. If we believe in these cycles, or at least admit that they are somehow an indicator of great change in our understanding of the world and man, we have to suspect that we are in the midst of such a great change. 

There is no way to scientifically explain the seemingly accurate predictions associated with each age,  but I believe the energy that is allowing these extraordinary psychic “Alien” appearances to burst into our consciousness is coming from our transition into that new Aquarian consciousness.

I also believe that despite the thick, modern consciousness of some of those who have been visited or abducted, there also exists somewhere within them the kind of hunger my friend was feeling. Maybe it’s not a hunger for the beautiful church, but a hunger for a richer, more meaningful world. After all, I can’t imagine a more sterile world than current American culture, as wonderful as our material life is.

There has to exist a chink in the armor for the psychic projection to break through, but once the opening occurs, it comes through like a thunderbolt, which is what is happening today.

That is what I think is happening and why at this time. I believe these psychic projections are going to grow like a snowball racing down a hill and that most probably they will be accompanied by terrifying events (war, hunger, disease) which will open us up even more to the spiritual world, as such events always do.

In the midst of this, I believe there will be even more and more "Alien visitations"  over hundreds of years and simultaneously, bit by bit, our culture will change and children will begin to appear who are not smarter (which is what is happening today as we are about to crash and burn) but more intuitive, wiser.

That is my thinking on the Alien Visitation / Abduction phenomenon. For those readers who remain skeptical of my view of Aliens, I am open to any criticisms or suggestions. Just email me through my profile or leave comments on this blog.


I haven't spoken about UFOs, that phenomena being, as I indicated earlier,  most likely an entirely different matter despite the popular association of Alien abductions and UFOs.

Secret military craft 
Let me simply say at this time that some out and out frauds. Let's not forget that. But some are undoubtedly advanced military aircraft. The triangular craft (L) is undoubtedly a military craft. 

Some are forms of raw, natural electrical energy (you'd be surprised about how little knowledge science has of these electrical forms, including lightning), and some but not all of the the pure lights  (below, L)  are psychic phenomena similar to the Alien Phenomena in that they are announcements /effects of a new consciousness. You sort them out anyway you want to.

Pure light UFOs, 1952

There is one aspect of UFOs, however, that I still don't know what to think about, and that is the unbelievable speed and direction-changing ability of many UFOs, which indicates that something other than humans are piloting them as the G-forces would kill humans. Since these UFOs  respond to radar and the approach of fighter pilots and the like, they are most likely not raw electrical energy, but something more sophisticated.

In addition, these UFOs are reported by serious observers (military, police, pilots) as being not only intensely illuminated but also having a distinct form and color range.  

Here is my incomplete thinking about these craft: they are either interstellar, which I see as possible but not very likely,  or they are secret, very advanced, remote-controlled military craft that use propulsion and masking/guidance systems far in advance of what is currently publicly known. 

Let me also say that although I am open to the origin of these craft being interstellar, the laws of physics as we know them, which are currently based on the speed of light being the highest speed possible, make such visitations highly unlikely, as the nearest star (Alpha Centauri) is 4.29 light years away and  the nearest earth-like planet we know of is 50 light years away. 

That is a huge distance, especially when modern physics tells us that nothing can travel at the speed of lightThe speed of light is 299,792 kilometers per second and the fasted speed achieved yet by any satellite ( Helios 1) is  70 kilometers per second, you can do the math to see how impossibly long such a 50 light-year voyage would be with our current technology, i.e.,   aspeed of only 70 kilometers per second.

Yet it is entirely possible that such long voyages would be possible with a advanced technology that made speeds of 200 kilometers per second possible (or 2/3 the speed of light), so theoretically it is not out of the question. The real question  though is this: what is the probability that such an advanced civilization in interstellar space would be capable of communicating with us, let alone visit us? It is extremely small, almost non-existent. 

I am not arguing that life could not exist on such planets, as it is not only possible, but probable.  What logic shows us, however, is the probability that a time window would exist here and also  in some advanced civilization hundreds or thousands of light years away that would  allow us to communicate back and forth (at close to light speed) is  close to zero. Click here for a very good, detailed  site on how this extremely remote possibility is computed. 

Let me state the problem as simply as I can: imagine earth is a huge merry go round and its different colored horses are stages of all the civilizations that have existed, exist now, and will probably exist in the future,  and imagine that the characteristics of the horses ( their lengths and color) approximate the time in hundreds of years that each civilization has existed, or will ( we think) exist in the future. Right now the Egyptian civilization from 3200 B.C. to 30 B.C. is the longest continuous civilization of which I am aware.  

Modern civilizations are of shorter duration. The Roman empire only lasted 500 years. Our own technologically advanced western civilization began around 1600 (the time of Issac Newton, Leibniz, Galileo, et al) and is still growing strong  as it passes its 400 year mark (2015 A.D.). Let's think of that technologically advanced civilization is represented by a red horse. 

How much longer that civilization will exist before it self-destructs  is open to question, as we have developed  weapons capable of destroying all life on earth. We could be generous and say that it will last 3000 years (as long as ancient Egypt) before it goes up in smoke from warfare. (Or collision with a giant meteorite, who can say?) So our red horse would be 3000 years long.

Now let's posit that the same situation exists on our supposed Advanced Interstellar culture on its red horse which is also 3000 years long on its merry go round  is attempting to contact our red horse (our technologically advanced civilization) just as our  red horse is now attempting to do the same thing with our suggested interstellar advanced civilization using  SETI. 

earth civilization
interstellar civilization


In effect, the two can only communicate succesfully if the two red horses momentarily  co-exist so that a rider on our red horse can reach out and touch a rider on the other distant red horse before they both slip out of reach of one another. 

By touch I mean that there is enough time for the rider of our red horse to speak to the distant rider and then enough time for the distant rider to answer back  to us. That is the absolute bare minimum

Remember, there is no way of telling when that "window of opportunity" will appear, nor is there is any way of of telling when, if ever,  it  will appear again. It is a matter of luck.

But that "window of oppratunity" that gives us the ability to speak back and forth is almost impossible to imagine if the two red horse civilizations on our two merry go rounds  are thousands of light years apart. 

What has to happen is that the red horse on the interstellar merry go round has to exist long enough to send out a signal and hope that  a thousand light years later someone like  our own red horse civilization will appear and last long enough to send  a signal back to this advanced interstellar civilization hoping that the interstellar civilization will in turn last long enough (at least another thousand years) to receive it. 

There is another more sophisticated explanation of the difficulties of interstellar communications in the link I just gave you and it is worth reading.

When it comes to actually visiting each other, take our imagined ability to travel at a speed of 200,000 kilometers per second ( 2/3 the speed of light). To travel to  a distant planet that is 1000 light years away at 200,000 kps would take 1492 years. Isn't 1492 an interesting number to pop up? Like Columbus, our interstellar visitors, might be extremely disappointed in what they see upon landing. 

Don't forget,  our SETI communication from us to them would have been 1000 years old by the time they got it, and the planet earth when they landed here would be an additional 1492 years older, so the earth they would be seeing from their flying saucer would be 2492 older, i.e., if our signal had been sent in 2015 they would be looking down at earth as it would be in 4507 A.D.

As to what their own interstellar civililzation would look like when they take their 1492 year trip back to it, God only knows. it might not be even there. 

All this this makes me believe that a physical interstellar craft being launched to investigate us is possible, but not highly probable.

My best and most probable sense of these craft is that they are military,  and this is extremely speculative,  that they  are made entirely of light, and only light,  and are remote (or computer) controlled. Think of something like a hologram that can be directed  at very high speeds, perhaps close to the speed of light, and that they can be both visually sighted and detected by both humans and radar and the like. 

The other possibility, of course,  is that these are physical manned or remote craft  that have advanced masking capabilities that fool both radar and observers as to their course, speed, and maneuvers. It is not out of the question. At any rate, if these craft are from our own military, we'll see them eventually. 

I will say one more thing, however, as it is remotely possible (as I've previously outlined) that these crafts are interstellar and contain interstellar intelligent beings, but from the problems I've outlined not very probable. 

Let me also say this if they are indeed interstellar:  no communication of any kind has ever been issued from the craft themselves that we know of, nor have we ever come close to capturing one, or shooting one down, to prove what they are and how they were piloted. That leaves us with the very high probability that these are advanced craft of earth origin either made of light or with advanced masking capabilities.

One last observation. I have never seen a photo of a UFO showing it as a physical craft (not a craft reportedly  made of light) that I believe was anything more than a photographic trick using models. Most special effects gurus agree with me on this by the way. Unfortunately, those UFOs usually look like the warming cover-dishes used in hotels to keep food hot. If those are the best designs that Alien beings from outer space could put together, we have nothing to fear.

Let's Go Deeper and Harder 

into the Pros and Cons

For those who feel I've been pitching softballs but  want some hard balls, here are some for you. Grab some coffee because I'm going to throw them at you fast and furious whether you're ready or not:

Alien Theorists Position: UFOs and Alien Visitations/Abductions are based, in part, on a belief that  UFOs containing extraterrestrial beings (Aliens) visited earth in prehistoric times to create the human race.


I know of no preliterate myth or carving indicating an alien-like God appearing either out of the "mist" or from a vehicle of some type to create the world and human beings. 

Preliterate stories about human creation are always a part of a general creation myth describing the birth of earth and the heavens and its first God-like inhabitants (us). 

All of those creation myths begin with chaos or thought or the earth elements eventually forming those first Gods and eventually human beings. For a good review of them I suggest you see the Wikipedia discussion of them.

Sumerian mythic figures
Yet for those who insist they have found (or imagined) or had a vision of an alien Creation of the world (including humans) and that it has the elements of a general Creation myth, all I can say in return is that while it is theoretically possible that such a view of Creation exists somewhere, I will believe it when I see it. You know my email.

Our current scientific theories are not much better, but there is some hard evidence backing them. Unfortunately they are all based on the assumption that the very earliest humans were primates who developed an upright stance and large brain size and that alone was sufficient reason for becoming human.

Those are physical characteristics, however, that also belonged to the primates we evolved from, i.e.,  primates who had existed for hundreds of thousands of years with the same upright stance and large brain size and would continue to exist for hundreds of thousands of years after the first "human" primates evolved from them. That is to say, for a very long time, both before and after the advent of a human primate, the two would have been physically identical.

What we need is a quality that really distinguishes the human animal from the animal we evolved from (as well as all other animal), because physical characteristics really do not define what a human is, and therefore can't supply the reasons why some primates became human. What I am proposing is that something else occurred that distinguished the two, and that is the human primate developed an ability (and desire) to create stories. 

The role of this physically-invisible ability is never really accounted for in mainstream evolutionary thinking because that thinking is bogged down in the quagmire of the physical realm.

It is a human's ability to create stories: to reach back in memory and create a little world with a beginning, middle and end that allow humans to communicate very complex truths such as Macbeth and E= MC2. This definition of human may surprise you, but it is a very old one and bears up under investigation. Tool-making, fire-creation, logic, etc., are really the result of our unique ability to communicate ideas and emotions via stories.

For example, recent studies of chimpanzees show that while they can use tools such as sticks to dig out termites and the like, and will pass the requisite motions on to a companion while they are doing it, they don't have the means, or interest, to pass the idea on to others afterwards. 

That is because they cannot reach back into memory and create stories. They can only express current emotions or actions. Only humans can create stories. I suggest you take a look at the Appendix of ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds (Excerpts 12-25on thisas it is the human's ability and desire to create stories that really separates us from all other animals.

Although it is theoretically possible that Aliens engineered this particular genetic change in primates, thereby creating the first humans, there is no hard evidence of that in the early epic stories that Alien theorists see as scientific reports (and not the metaphoric story poems they really are.) What we have here again  is a complete ignorance of the nature of these ancient story poems. I say this as an artist and poet very familiar with these ancient story poems.

I thus see it as highly improbable that such an alien/human creation theory will ever gather enough hard evidence to outweigh the current scientific theory on the natural evolution of the human species. For one thing, the Alien theorists have never defined what being human means, i.e., have never defined the exact nature of the genetic change. What kind of thinking is that?

I'll tell you what kind it is: sloppy thinking.

I say this recognizing that the existing scientific evidence itself is itself sketchy and still limited to factors such as upright stance, walking stride, thumb, and brain cavity size and shape. Yet it can’t be ignored. It's a question of which theory (and supporting evidence) is stronger. Right now, I'd side with conventional science (as sketchy as it is) that some form of primates eventually evolved into humans.

My deepest conviction, however, is that the reasons for our transition to human will always be in the mysterious realm of myth. Always. Myth is not fable. Myth is a story that reveals the mysterious nature of something though the use of metaphor. Got it? 

yet something else is needed beyond science and shallow Alien speculation that will allow us to live comfortably with that mystery. Only art can do that. What I am suggesting is that you consider  the possibility that the various mythic conceptions of human creation are far more compelling than either the Alien theory or the current scientific evolutionary theories.

Who are you going to believe on this matter of humans coming into existence: the early, metaphoric creation myths that indicate the truly mysterious nature of human creation, or the scanty physical evidence of science, or some hastily concocted alien visitation scheme that grossly misinterprets those early myths by taking them to be factual statements?

The great metaphoric creation myths were story poems—metaphoric stories issuing from the collective unconscious of early humans. These ancient metaphoric stories are as illusive as dreams when it comes to interpreting them. We can only feel their truth and be content to leave it at that.

If you would like to investigate a creation myth (The creation of human consciousness) that was made from a preliterate mindset, I suggest you take a look at ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds, (Chapter Three). 

That is about all I want to say about the possibility that Aliens created the human race. I'm ready for any hard balls you  have that are as good as mine.

Here is another widely held Alien theorist position:

Alien Theorists Position: UFOs and Alien Visitations/Abductions are  based, in part, on a belief that  Aliens Assisted Humans Once Humans Came Into Being 

There is a persistent stream of alternative thinking which holds that once humans came into being, Aliens assisted those early humans in designing and constructing their great stone monuments (Stonehenge, Sphinx, Egyptian pyramids, Inca walls, Meso-American pyramids etc.)

The assumption behind this position is the belief that early humans were not mentally or technically capable of building them.


There are a few glyphs, carvings and translations of preliterate myths that could be interpreted as aliens visiting earth to instruct human beings in advanced thinking. But these are very skinny interpretations that could just as easily be interpreted as metaphoric representations of an unconscious (psychic) entity or intuition doing the same thing.

After all, that is the way all human knowledge has advanced since the beginning of time, by intuition, either by a sudden insight interrupting our conscious minds or by an even more startling insight that arrives via psychic event, such as a vision. We can see this even in modern times. Einstein himself was a champion of intuition: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Another well-documented case of intuition concerns Frederick Kekule's (1829 - 1896) discovery of the structure of benzene. Kekule saw the answer in a dream of a snake coiled and biting its tail. In an intuitive flash, he realized that the molecular structure was characterized by a ring of carbon atoms. Benzene is a 6 carbon ringed compound with 6 hydrogen atoms with the carbon-carbon bonds arranged alternately single and double. This discovery opened the way to modern theories of organic chemistry.

My own experiences with intuition makes me favor the interpretation of these preliterate "aliens creating/teaching human" glyphs as metaphoric representations of the arrival of an insight. After all, that is the way the preliterate mind operated: it expressed (and interpreted) events in terms of art ( oral story poems, drawings, carvings, etc.) which are metaphoric by their nature.

If you are not aware of the difference between preliterate consciousness (which was imitative /metaphoric) and modern consciousness (which is explaining, logical, factual) I suggest you read Julian Jaynes'   The Origin of Human Consciousness in the Bi-Cameral Mind. Or my own ALICE HICKEY: Between WorldsLink 

Once you are familiar with how the preliterate mind worked and how it expressed itself through its art, you'll begin to see that all the preliterate art (carvings, oral myths) left us are metaphoric in nature and not statements of scientific fact as so many alternative thinkers take them to be. 

It is a big, big mistake to see them as statements of facts.

All that aside, there is still the alternative position that the great prehistoric stone monuments could not have possibly been built by Stone Age humans. This position is widely held by Alien theorists who seem completely ignorant of the artistic and anthropological evidence of the high native intelligence and construction capabilities of early prehistoric (Stone Age) humans.

I see most of these alternative views as being no more than highly speculative, imaginative exercises made possible by the fact that prehistoric cultures (having no writing) left no evidence as to how and why their great monuments were constructed,  as well as no written evidence as to the nature of their cultures and how they evolved.

For example, among Alien theorists there exist no alternative views concerning the 430 B.C. construction of the Parthenon (even though only approximately 1200 years separate it from Stonehenge, c.1600 B.C.). This is because the literate Greeks left voluminous written evidence of the particulars of its construction and its place in their culture.

Every bit of rigorous scientific evidence suggests that the people of Stonehenge had the same intelligence and mental capabilities as the Parthenon Greeks. Therefore, if the Greeks could figure out how to build the Parthenon, the early Britons could figure out how to build Stonehenge. Period. End of Argument.

With all that said, let's get into the nitty gritty of the current alternative thinking on these Alien visitations and assistance. 

Here is the basic Alien theorist thinking: Aliens are superior beings from some unknown part of the universe who came to earth in prehistoric times. 

They transported themselves via UFOs and assisted humans in the creation of their early cultures and the construction of the large stone monuments symbolizing those cultures. Furthermore, they have continued to visit us in order to evaluate our progress and guide us.

This Alien theorist position is based on several assumptions, which are seldom questioned. I am going to state those assumptions now and analyze them to see how solid they are.

Here are their assumptions:

Assumption 1. Alien theorists hold that the preliterate stone carvings, cave drawings and oral myths that came into existence hundreds if not thousands of years before we learned to read and write (c. 3200 thru 1200 B.C. depending on the culture) have been seriously misinterpreted by our western scientific culture.

Alien theorists see these misinterpretations being the result of conventional science failing to see that the many recorded appearances of various Gods in preliterate and early literate times were, in reality, recordings of physical visits by advanced beings from some other (or alternative) part of the universe.

Assumption 2. Alien theorists also hold that preliterate humans and very early literate humans (Egyptians, Sumerians  c.3200 B.C.) didn’t possess the skills necessary to design, engineer and build their monumental stone sculptures and structures. I am referring here such structures as the pyramids in early literate Egypt (2500 B.C) and the monumental stone sculptures in preliterate Bronze Age Britain such as Stonehenge (built in stages from c.3200 thru 1600 B.C.) 

Assumption 3. Alien theorists also hold that there is no other univers ( e.g., a spiritual or psychic universe) than the physical preliterate,  a view it holds in common with our modern scientific view of the universe.

Let's analyze each of these assumptions:

Let me dispose of Assumption 3 first. Today, Western thought holds that the scientific approach is the only valid approach to knowledge. Much of the strength of that belief comes from the accomplishments of the scientific approach, the most significant one being our creation of atomic fission, fusion, and  weapons. 

My own take on that is that while its accomplishments are indeed extraordinary, it is clear that our current scientific knowledge of the structure of matter is incomplete. 

I doubt any scientist would contest that statement. In other words, despite the scientific method being strong enough to have allowed us to create atomic fission, fusion and weapons,  it has not yet given us a complete rational explanation of the nature of matter. Scientists assure us they will eventually give us one, but I have my doubts. It will surely be more complete, but not totally complete.

I quote two lines from poet Richard Wilbur that pretty much sums up my thinking on this:

"Kick at the rock, Sam Johnson, break your bones: 
But cloudy, cloudy is the stuff of stones."

But we also have to take a very hard look at one of the basic axioms of the scientific approach:  that there is only one world, the physical world. In short, anything that cannot be physically observed and tested is an hallucination of some sort, a short circuit of the brain.

In other words, because such events cannot be tested by the scientific method, they don't exist. This is utter foolishness. Such non-physical events do exist. Indeed they are the very seeds that have driven every civlization on the globe into existence. 

My own experience however, and that of Eastern civilizations, tells me that non-physical events do exist and are valid subjects for human inquiry. 

This is something that Harvard psychiatrist John Mack concluded after studying hundreds of alien visitations: that although they are not physical events,  but psychic events worthy of study. I suggest you read Harvard psychiatrist John Mack’s substantial findings in this area.

To sum it all up, if you reduce our study of the world to what can be physically examined by the cientific method, you are eliminating a critical part of the human experience. It is a stupid prejudice.

The second assumption (that early humans didn’t possess the skills necessary to design, engineer and build their monumental stone sculptures) has no basis in fact. There is no hard scientific evidence thatthey didn't posses the necessary skills. It is merely hearsay by Alien theorists who almost to a man seem to have no scientific or anthropological knowledge of the native intelligence of preliterate humans. Nor do they seem to have have any practical heavy-stone construction and engineering knowledge worth mentioning.

I'm sorry to say this, but most Alien theorists are basically well-meaning theorists who have fabricated a rather sloppy position which holds that humans living in preliterate and early literate cultures lacked the intelligence, organization and problem-solving ability necessary to design and construct large stone structures.

First of all, the hard scientific evidence to date is that early humans were every bit as smart as we are, and that this intelligence was evident from the time some part of the human species homo sapiens left Africa 40, 000 years ago.

This position is based primarily on the skull cavities of these humans having a size similar to our own, indicating equal brain size, but also the tools they developed and structures they lived in, but even more so on the quality of art they produced, which is the equal (as Picasso once remarked) of the art that our own advanced Western civilization has produced.

Here is the crux of my position: there are only 1200 years, an extremely small span of time,between the literate Greek homo sapiens who constructed the Parthenon (circa 430 B.C.) and the preliterate Britons homo sapiens who constructed the final monumental stones (sarsens and lintels) of Stonehenge (circa 1600 B.C.) .

Assuming there was a uniform distribution of native intelligence (logical ability, memory, problem solving) across the entire range of homo sapiens in Europe (since there is no scientific  evidence to the contrary) our preliterate Stonehenge Britons would be every bit as natively intelligent as the Parthenon Greeks.

Nor is it possible to posit that the Greeks went through a selective and extremely rapid evolutionary change (increase) in native intelligence over that 1200 year period and thereby jumped ahead of the Stonehenge Britons, since no evidence exists that such a gigantic evolutionary increase in native intelligence did take place, or has ever taken place any where at any time.

What did happen to the Greeks, however, was that they learned how to read and write before constructing the Parthenon and and the Britons didn't before constructing Stonehenge. 

What writing changed for the Greeks was not native intelligence, but how they looked at themselves and the world, i.e., the Greeks experienced a true, very rapid evolutionary change in the nature of their consciousness, not their intelligence. I'll say more about this later.

Right now, just so you’ll have a time scale for the development of reading and writing:
Stone Age begins: 40,000B.C.
Bronze Age begins: circa 3000 B.C
Iron Age takes over circa 1300 B.C.

Literacy generally began around 1200 B.C. for most cultures (give or take several hundred years) with much earlier dates of 3200 B.C for the Egyptians and Sumerians.

Since no one has been foolish enough to suggest that the huge granite and marble Parthenon was engineered by Aliens, it seems obvious that it is equally foolish to suggest that Stonehenge was engineered by Aliens, since both groups of homo sapiens were equal in native intelligence. Everything follows from that, i.e., the problem-solving ability of both groups would also have been equal and both would have found solutions to carving and transporting large stones, lifting them, putting them in place.

Let me put it to you this way, if you dropped Aristotle of 300 B.C. Greece into the plains of 1600 B.C. Stonehenge and pitted him against one of the builders of Stonehenge in a contest of stone construction and problem-solving using only the tools available in 1600 B.C. Britain, it would be a draw, or possibly Aristotle might lose, being a philosopher with little practical construction experience.

Thus while their native intelligence would be the same, and therefore their problem-solving ability the same, we do have to consider that there are some important cultural differences that account for the finished beauty of the Parthenon and the rough aesthetic of Stonehenge.

Part of the difference is that the Parthenon Greeks of 430 B.C. had been literate for 500 years (since 900 B.C.) while the Stonehenge Britons of 1600 B.C. would have to wait another 2000 years so for the Romans and Anglo-Saxons to bring them a written language (Old English approx 450 A.D. ) from which the language we know today as English would grow. 

For one thing, this means is that there are written records of the actual construction of the Greek Parthenon that simply make it impossible for alternative thinkers to attribute extraterrestrial assistance in the construction of the Parthenon.

This holds for any literate culture. Egypt developed early hieroglyphic and alphabetic writing around 3200 B.C. and had 1700 years of literacy behind them by the time the Giza pyramids were built in 2500 B.C.

Why alternative thinkers keep attributing extraterrestrial assistance to the construction of the pyramids when written and hieroglyphic records exist concerning their construction is simply beyond me. It is a bit sketchy in the case of the Giza Pyramids, much of it simply being lost, but there is a consistent stream of information about the other pyramids and structures.

However, since there were no written records in preliterate cultures, such as Stone Age Britain, alternative thinkers are free to make it up in any way they please for edifices such as Stonehenge.

But a written language per se, is not really the point. The point is that concurrent with the advent of writing, there came the ability to accurately record thoughts and events of all kinds, and out of that grew not only a huge amount of reference material, but more importantly, a very rapid evolutionary change in consciousness (not native intelligencethat was capable of  examining and reporting on everything, which in turn gave birth to Greek mathematics, history, science, medicine etc.

Out of that, of course, eventually came a sense of art and architecture that could be passed down in great detail to future generations and in turn modified generation after generation, so that by 430 B.C, an extremely detailed tradition would exist, such as we see evidenced in the design of the Parthenon that was far more sophisticated than the rough stone structures of preliterate Greece, one of which is shown below, and which is not much different from Stonehenge. 

A structure from preliterate  Mycenaean Greece c. 1300 B.C.

The native intelligence of the Greeks didn’t increase or change between Mycenean Greece and the Greece of the Parthenon. What changed was the way the Greeks looked at the world because of literacy, i.e., they began to examine the world logically and record everything around them. This logical, examining way of knowing the Greeks termed logos knowingNeedless to say, the knowledge that came with literacy grew slowly at first then like a chain reaction until it was encyclopedic by 430 B.C. (500 years after the advent of Greek literacy.) 

A good metaphor would be that writing allowed the Greeks to develop a history of architecture and different ways of construction. The preliterate Stonehenge Britons however, had no way of doing this, of accumulating factual knowledge in great detail. They only had their oral story poems and carvings, which are very poor vehicles for recording facts, but excellent vehicles for imitating and expressing the mysteries of life and death.

The Greeks called this preliterate way of knowing MuthosFor our Stonehenge Britons, Muthos immersed them in their all-consuming, spiritual preliterate culture, which was of the greatest importance to them: it was what interested them as a culture. 

But here’s the important point: they  didn’t really care about accumulating factual, physical knowledge. Preliterate consciousness was more concerned with artistically imitating and expressing the mysteries of human existence. It was completely different from that of the literate Greeks.

(As an aside, let me say that  it is the height of idiocy to theorize that the ancient artistic/ spiritual Britons arranged stones and the like to guide advanced UFO craft in navigating around the globe. After all, if the craft could come across thousands of light years to visit us, I think they could find their way around the planet once they got here, don't you?)

I’ll say more about this critical difference of the preliterate mind later, because unless you understand the preliterate mind, you’re going to misunderstand the meanings of all their all mythic story poems and carvings, which is exactly what has happened with many of our Alien theorists and alternative thinkers. 

Yet we shouldn’t let this supposed preliterate disinterest in explaining things convince us for one moment that these preliterate humans weren’t as natively intelligent as we are. Rather, their intelligence was intensely focused on spiritual matters and the artistic imitations of those concepts. 

We’ll see shortly that their artistic achievements were so accomplished as to leave no doubt as to their native intelligence being equal to that of the a Parthenon Greeks.

But to get back to the point at hand: Greek literacy resulted in a highly developed Greek sense of architecture, which is a partial way of explaining the architectural differences between the Parthenon and Stonehenge. But the other thing that made the real difference between the Parthenon and Stonehenge were the tools each culture had to work with.

We shouldn’t be fooled by the crude stone sculptures and rock carvings done by Stone Age humans. They had neither bronze nor iron tools to work with—only other stones. You try it sometime.
I have a great deal to say about this in my site on the preliterate construction of the Sphinx. 

Although some gold and silver jewelry has survived from the Stone ages, all the other art forms (wood drawings and carvings, fabric drawings, etc) have perished, and these were undoubtedly the dominant materials used for art. 

The only art form, outside of jewelry,  that has survived en masse over the millennia are stone structures and rock carvings. They are everywhere, but their function remains uncertain in many cases. See megaliths

Finally let me say this because it’s the elephant in the room: the Stonehenge Britons probably didn’t care about “finishing” their stones as the Parthenon Greeks did. Part of that is due to the fact that the hard granite of the huge sarsens is very difficult to shape with stones. Yet as the Egyptians showed with their  obelisks, which were hard granite, it could be done with very hard stones called dolomite.

The real reason why the Stonehenge Britons  didn't care is due to the fact that what was really important to the preliterate Stonehenge Britons were the spiritual implications of these stones, as stones, which all preliterate cultures saw as imperishable, like the Gods

It should be obvious to anyone by this time that outside of the stone burial structures built by many of these cultures, stones—as stones—were also used in a spiritual, even a healing way, by prehistoric cultures. Their timelessness was Godlike, so it is no wonder they were seen as having healing powers. 

There is increasing archeological evidence that the smaller, more numerous blue stones inside the larger sarsens at Stonehenge were used as part of a healing process. Why we don’t know, but it seems now that they were. 

This may seem like so much nonsense to us now, because we’d rather think of Stonehenge and all the rest of the prehistoric stone monuments as astronomical calendars, but that is our modern scientific prejudice. Undoubtedly they were sometimes used as directional (equinox) pointers to the Sun, but we have to remember that those planting and harvesting directions were also highly spiritual. God = Sun, remember?

As for dolmens, the long rows and arrangements of stones, it’s obvious they had a spiritual, perhaps a healing purpose. We don’t really know why they saw stones in such a way, or why they arranged them in the way they did, or exactly how they were used, but it’s obvious these stones had to have served a special purpose. It was very hard work moving and lifting them, right? It wasn’t a whim.

For prehistoric cultures, everything was spiritual. It’s the key to understanding them and their art, which was driven by visions, not conscious planning.

I should add here as a caveat to my statement that Pre-Bronze and Pre-Iron age Egyptians actually created "finished" stone structures using only stone implements, but that was because of an architectural aesthetic that had been developed as result of their early literacy (3200 B.C.). They were also helped, of course, by the fact that the stones being carved (except for the obelisks)  were usually soft sandstone or limestone.

But what is important in my  comparison of the Stonehenge Britons and the Parthenon Greeks  is that both cultures (Greeks, Britons) had the same native intelligence when it came to solving the intricacies of quarrying, transporting, carving, lifting and moving very large stones.

We also have to focus on the construction advantage the Greeks had over the Britons. The Greeks of 400 B.C. had iron tools to shape the hard granite and marble of the Parthenon. They also had simple pulleys and the wheel, both of which seem to have not been available to the Stonehenge Britons.

The 1600 B.C. Stonehenge Britons, however, had only stone tools with which to carve out and shape the hard granite blocks of Stonehenge (it seems no bronze tools were used at Stonehenge, despite the introduction of bronze in Britain circa 2100 B.C.). 

All this gave the Parthenon builders a tremendous advantage in speed of construction and stone finishing. But that’s it: a speed advantage. Not construction savvy. 

It just takes a lot of men if you don’t have iron tools and pulleys and wheels and the like, but it can be done with earth moving and levers and endless pounding.

You don’t need beam-lifting spaceships (L) for Stonehenge anymore than you need them for the Parthenon. And that goes for all the preliterate monumental stone structures both in the old and new world.

If we only had these rough Stone Age structures and carvings as evidence of a Stone Age native intelligence equal to that of the Parthenon Greeks, we wouldn't be able to demonstrably show how truly intelligent these early peoples were.

This where the mind-bending art of some Stone Age cultures comes in, which Alien theorists, being primarily gear heads, have completely ignored. 

There isn't any doubt in anybody's mind today that high aesthetic capability is a certain indicator of high native intelligence. Fortunately, despite the ravages of time, certain non-stone art forms have been miraculously preserved (such as the cave drawings in Altamira and other European caves which date to some 18,000 to 35,000 years ago—Stone Age Europe.)

We have the cave drawings at Altamira today only because the caves were sealed by a rock slide around 13,000 B.C., thereby preserving them. Any other visual art forms, however, that would have been created by Stone Age humans: paintings on wood or fabric, wood carvings, clay sculptures, etc., would have long ago been dissolved by time.

However, a few very early fired-clay sculptures have miraculously survived, such as the Venus of Willendorf, an 11 cm (4.3 in) female figure estimated to have been made between 24,000 and 22,000 B.C..

If you don’t think this statue is as sophisticated and mysterious as anything made by Brancusi or Picasso, you should wake up, or at the very least, read the squabbling interpretations of anthropologists and archeologists to show you how mysterious this figure really is because they don’t have a clue. 

It’s only when you look at the statue as a metaphor for the Mother Goddess aka The First Mother (which is how the prehistoric humans would have looked at it) that the statue explains itself. 

The statue is not a representation of female fertility per se either, because a woman that fat (if at all possible in an always-hungry, hunter-gatherer world) would not only be undesirable but would also be pretty much incapable of copulation. And if she ever did manage get it on, she’d probably have died in childbirth. Ask any obstetrician. 

It had to have been a metaphor for something else, namely a metaphor for the Mother Goddess/ Mother of all HumansThe large fat breasts and belly and arms and thighs can only be human versions of the incredibly enlarged, gorged size of the queen bee, something that preliterate humans knew well and must have wondered at. And honored: One out of Many: which is exactly how the Mother Goddess/ Mother of all Humans /First Mother was seen.

The fact that you can’t see her face is also spiritual. Ask the ancient Hebrews about that. For early Hebrews, God's name couldn't be spoken, meaning God is beyond comprehension, which is another way of saying: God's face shouldn’t/couldn’t be seen because it was beyond comprehension and would cause death. Look away, Moses! Remember how Moses was warned about not trying to look at God’s face? The same thing is being represented by this faceless Mother Goddess.

If we only had the caves at Altamira and this so- called Venus as evidence of the high artistic vision of these prehistoric cultures, it’s enough to suggest that Stone Age man was artistically as sophisticated as the Greeks of 400 B.C., maybe even ahead of the Greeks in terms of their impressionistic qualities. When Picasso first saw them he remarked, "We have learned nothing."

It’s far more modern than what the Greeks were doing, as beautiful as that was. Think about it.

I rest my case.

There remain one other issue, however, that has to be addressed in regard to the arguments of the  Alien theorists.

Alien Theorists Position: UFOs and Alien Visitations /Abductions are  based, in part, on a belief that:
The preliterate stone carvings, cave drawings and oral myths that came into existence hundreds if not thousands of years before we learned to read and write (3300 thru 1000 B.C.) have been seriously misinterpreted by our western scientific culture in that it failed to see that they were, in reality, recordings of physical visits by advanced beings from some other (or alternative ) part of the universe. 


Of the numerous of cave drawings, clay sculptures, and rock carvings that have come down to us, there are a handful that portray a kneeling/standing human receiving something or looking up at, or praying to, a larger standing figure (Alien/God?). 

There are also a few portraying a figure (Alien/God?) in some kind of vehicle, or fire, or clouds, descending from, or ascending to, the sky.

These are the only ones that could realistically be interpreted as portraying an Alien being, but then again they could just as easily be portrayed as they have been for millennia: as spiritual/psychic visions of the Gods.

The great oral myths (Book of Moses, Odyssey, Iliad, Gilgamesh) that eventually were transcribed into writing also contain verbal descriptions of similar events (God giving Ten Commandments to Moses, Athena advising Odysseus). 

Again, we can choose to see them as physical visitations by Aliens or in the manner they have been interpreted for millennia: as spiritual/psychic visions of the Gods, or in Jungian terms: psychic visions created by the collective unconscious .

Aside from those depicted God/Alien? visitations (which take the form of "drawings"), the great oral myths are very different. These great oral myths cultural are stories about cultural truths/beliefs, and not about God/Alien visitations per se, although such visitations do occur in these stories.

After all, these were cultures whose inhabitants were constantly experiencing voices and visions. The correct way to look at these great stories (Genesis, Gilgamesh, Iliad)  is to see them as  waking dreams that reflected the  truths and beliefs that held these cultures together.

The thousands of other rock carvings, cave paintings, clay sculptures, and oral poems may be portrayals of the God-like animals, or  important events (wars, floods) but you will be missing the boat unless you understand that they are almost always  artistic imitations of dream/psychic visions coming from the Other World, the World of the Gods, the collective unconscious.

This is because the function of art in the preliterate world was not to become famous like Andy Warhol, but to imitate divinely inspired visions so as to reflect the divine order of World of the Gods. 

Aligning the intent of this world with that of the Gods was what preliterate cultures and their art was all about. Period.

This is something our rational mindset has a hard time handling. I  can assure you, however, that preliterate peoples didn’t, as their consciousness was one that was highly psychic and artistic by nature. Again, Julian Jaynes is must reading on this crucial difference  if you truly want to understand these  very different early cultures. 

It might also help if you take a look at my ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds and SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey of the Soul.

For an excellent analysis and deconstruction of the Ancient Alien  Theory, but from a much different perspective than mine, I suggest you visit Chris White's  site Ancient Aliens Debunked

Between his perspective and mine, the Ancient Alien Theory is given a thorough going ovet. You can then make up your own mind if it is worth considering as a serious theory. 

I am constantly adding new evidence to my thinking on Aliens and UFOs. Six months from now, it will be larger and even more convincing.

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